Pinned it…Tried it…IT WORKED!

***I posted this process again and with a little more detail on my other blog here.

I’m always looking for remedies on Pinterest for issues I have at home. Like, what to use when you run out of dishwashing soap, how to get rid of flies, those sorts of things. I came across this one recently and I had to try it. I should point out that I do wash my towels regularly but after a while they seem to develop a rather funky smell. I switched detergents with more powerful scents but that didn’t work. I read somewhere that after a while soap and fabric softener build up and your towels need to be stripped to get rid of it all. So I tried this and it worked perfectly! No more funk.



I searched this pin and could only find a picture with no link to a website source. So, whoever made this, big thanks to you!

UPDATE 1/30/14: I’ve had a lot of questions about this so I thought I would highlight some more information here. 

- I have a front load washer. I’ve tossed the vinegar straight onto the towels and I’ve also poured it into the detergent tray. Seems to work both ways. I ALWAYS toss the baking soda onto the towels, never load into detergent tray.

- This process is safe for colored towels as well as white.

- I’ve also done this with some eternally stinky work clothes and it worked like magic.

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30 thoughts on “Pinned it…Tried it…IT WORKED!

  1. Daree

    Can you run the wash once with vinegar and baking soda simultaneously? I use these 2 ingredients together to clean my toilets and it works great.

  2. Kristin

    Did you do this in a front load? How or where would you add the baking soda? I have never used powder detergent in my front load and honestly no idea if you can. Thanks! I do want to try this.

    1. Nichelle Post author

      I do have a front load and I have also never used powdered detergent. I just tossed the baking soda right onto the pile of towels. There was no residue or anything left over when they were done.

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  4. Heather Taylor

    Another thing that really works is the dish scrubber filled with half dish soap and half white vinegar. That and hot water will clean the worst grime. I’ve used it on the shower, the oven, the grill rack, everything.

    1. Nichelle Post author

      Debb, I tried it with a load of clothes and it worked! My husband works on cars so his work clothes get a nice “old car” and “grime” smell. The baking soda and vinegar worked it’s magic and the smell was gone!

  5. 76sunflowers

    Found your helpful hint on Pinterest…thank you so much! Our towels aren’t smelling so great…hubby thinks they smell like wet dog lol. So, I have our towels in the wash with the vinegar right now:)

    1. Nichelle Post author

      I do a complete cycle with vinegar and a complete cycle with baking soda. They are clean after that. If you want the added smell of your detergent then you can do a third cycle with detergent but you don’t need to.

      1. Margaret

        Thank you .. I’m not trying to be dumb.. But what does it mean when they say 1part vinegar 2 parts water. I really don’t know what that means?

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  7. Cheryl

    Unfortunately, there’s just a ? in the middle of where a photo should be. Not sure why. Thought this blog was for keeping towels white, so I’m not sure what I’m missing. :)

    I had this same issue with my towels smelling like spoiled milk. I discovered that I was using too much laundry detergent and/or fabric softener. I mean, really? How could you have too much soap? ;) Hubby thought it was just my home made detergent. Nope, I washed with less soap, added some baking soda, and a did a double rinse using vinegar. Much nicer smelling towels! I now use half the amount of soap in my wash.


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